What’s the best time to learn a foreign language ?

What’s the best time to learn a foreign language ?


A lot of people ask themselves: What’s the best time to learn a foreign language? Especially German and during holidays and winter season.

It depends on many things and factors. But, the most important thing is: your free time.

You need only 90 minutes per day to learn online German with you private teacher per Skype.

From the comfort of your home/office/caffe or any other place you have the chance to improve your knowledge of German language.

New Year’s resolutions

It’s New Year’s and holiday time and a lot of people are making some resolutions for New Year. A lot of them are thinking about learning some new language. German could be a good option. This language is maybe not so “nice” and melodic like other languages but after mastering it you are going to have a lot of new job and life opportunities.

For example, German economy is one of the strongest in Europe. So that means that you are going to have an excellent chance for work in Germany. With your knowledge of German you could be a representative of some German company in your country.

A lot of German people are traveling to foreign countries and you could work as tourist guide for them.

They say that when you get you should also give, so it means that when you are learning you should also be teaching. That means that later you could also be a German language teacher in your own country and make some extra money.

If you work in a hospital as a doctor or nurse you know everything about many possibilities for working in Germany.

Winter or summer ?

If you are asking me,the best time for learning a foreign language is winter. It’s not so hot outside and you are spending a lot of time at home. These 3 or 5 months are perfect for mastering one level of German language course.

How can I do it ?

Simply contact me on: dunjaspiler@gmail.com and we are going to arrange together some special German winter course for you.


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