What I learned from my students?

What I learned from my students?

I always like to say: we are learning together. They are learning German language and I learn…

I learn, on the first place, about their families. At the beginning of my career I have also met most of their families in person. Because, back then in 2008, when I started working as a German language teacher, i was teaching only in person.

Yesterday I tried to calculate how many families have I visited and came across some numbers with more than 20 children and adults.

First I learned about hospitality, interior design, family affairs than about: life of singers in band Tokio Hotel, than about Miley Cyrus and her life and one day I learned how to cook an awful coffee, and not mention that you can’t do that.

Very important life skills, must say.

Being at home, sometimes alone, with small kids , includes on other hand basic skills like washing little sister’s hair. You are certainly going to ask yourself, how is that possible? Well, if you break an Easter egg right on your head and hair, you have to wash it.

A little bit later, as I was working in a high school, especially for students who are talented for learning languages, I improved my speaking because every day I had an opportunity to speak with students who were born in Germany.

After that, around 2012 came the most interesting part of my teaching career. I met a student, born in Egypt, who was working as a doctor in Poland. He wanted to improve his German language skills and we started our online classes.

Soon a waste new universe has opened to me: so many information about new culture, customs, people, food and every class was more interesting than the last one.

After 2012 I started teaching almost exclusively online classes. I met a lot of students from various countries, but the most interesting were from:



-India (Kerala)






I am thankful for all of them, especially for talking about their families, religion, customs, geography of their country. Sometimes I ask a lot of questions and they are very patient.

And at the end:

What is the meaning of teacher? It is hope.

Hope to find happiness, love, family, better job, friends, to learn new language, to try new food, to visit new countries.

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