Bibis Beauty Palace and learning German

Bibis Beauty Palace and learning German

I assume that you have never heard for Bibis Beauty Palace. But if you have heard, you should consider learning German with Bibi’s videos.

Who is Bibi ?

Bibi is Bianca from Cologne, now 23 and she’s an average young woman who is the most successful youtuberin in Germany. She is talking about her make up, clothes, hair and ofcourse about her boyfriend Julian and their adventures. They are travelling a lot, last time they went together to Brasil for Christmas. Julian and Bibi are exploring together problems of young adults in whole world, although they are also advertising a lot of products.

Bibi is really cute and nice person who sometimes acts childish and insecure in some way but she is still bunch of cuteness.

Why should you learn German with Bibis Beauty Palace videos ?

Bibi is speaking the most wonderful German language and she’s not speaking in any of dialects. Her voice is so clear and you can hear every single word nice and clearly. She is speaking like she is singing to you. I recommend her videos often to those who want to learn German accent better.

Her boyfriend Julian is speaking a little bit complicated and also a little bit more silent than her which can be a problem at the beginning. But it is also good to hear some other speaker and that is also good.

What to do if I don’t like her and her videos ?

Well, there is a whole white web and  Youtube full of bloggers that are speaking German language and if you don’t find Bibi interesting that you can give it a try with some other. For example there is Dagi Bee who is also from German and maybe some kind of Bibi’s enemy. She is also nice, but I think that Bibi is speaking better German and that she is more usefull for learning it.

How often should I watch the videos ?

Usually I recommend to watch Bibi once a day, because her videos are not so long, only 10 minutes.

You can use my advice as shortcut for finding more videos from another bloggers that are speaking German language, because this is one the best ways to learn German.

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