For most of the Christian people living on the north hemisphere this time of the year, almost whole December, called Advent is the most beautiful time of year.

The Meaning

Advent is quite period of the year during coldest months  when we are usually at home and waiting for the biggest event and that is the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December.

It usually starts four weeks before Christmas and in some countries family member are lighting candles every Sunday.

Things related to Advent

The most popular things related to Advent are: Advent calendar, lighting candles on Advent wreath, lighting Christingle, decorating Christmas tree and of course spending some time with the family.

Here is the short video that explains what is advent:

Advent Calendar

Advent calendar is the most interesting and beautiful thing related to this Christian tradition. I have seen this custom for the first time in Austria and Germany. Children and adults are opening little doors on special calendars every single day. Usually there is a small hidden gift and some saying or cute picture.

There are numerous variations of these calendars with beautiful pictures. Usually they are representing some christian elements like “coming of the baby Jesus” or “Santa coming through the chimney”.

In one city in Croatia there are also numbers on windows on a building so I assume that every day they are going to open different window and maybe show some “suprise”.

Examples of very interesting Advent Calendars :

Gifts for your loved ones and the other ones

The best thing during this Advent time are the gifts. Everybody is waiting for some gifts from their friends, family and loved ones. But sometimes the true happiness comes from helping others that are not related to us.

Beside giving presents and enjoying with your family and friends, visit also people who are spending their time alone in nursing homes, hospitals or shelters. Give them love or some presents in food and clothing because this time of year is the worst time of year for them. They have been forgotten. It is your duty as christian soul to help and save them.


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