Unsual Health Benefits of Learning a New Language

Unsual Health Benefits of Learning a New Language

On the world wide web you can find a lot of articles about health benefits of learning a new language.

One thing is for sure – you have never read these unusual health benefits of learning a new language.

1. Say “NO” to Depression

Nowadays depression is really common thing. One way to fight it is to do something nice for yourself. Something that is going to give you a sense of wellbeing and new meaning to your life. Maybe a place where you are going to meet some new and nice people.

You can find all this things by learning a new language. With the new language our  self-esteem grows because we are learning something new. We can use this new language to communicate with others and instantly get to know each other.

I have met a lot of people who started their relationship after taking German lessons together in a group.

Love is the cure.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

In today’s society full of stress it is very hard to maintain calm and find your inner center.

But, have you ever thought of this – learning a new foreign language shows you also the culture of that language. So, maybe you are going to find your inner peace in following practices from another culture. After learning a new language for quite some time you could also read books about philosophy.

This way you are certainly finding your inner peace soon and lowering that pretty high blood pressure of yours.

3. Beat Out That Old Creep Alzheimer

It doesn’t matter if you are not old enough to have problems with this mr. Alzheimer it is good to know how not to meet him for the first time.

Learning and maintaining knowledge of a new language helps your brain cells to work faster and not to sleep all day. If they are sleepy they are not going to notice the creepy walk and beginning of this illness.

You can easily choose one language that is not so difficult for learning, like Spanish or Japanese (okay, maybe a little bit harder).

4. Health but More Fashion Benefits of a Bigger Brain

You must admit that nowadays bigger heads are more popular. Become easily one of these guys by taking classes of a new language.

Brain cells will be growing bigger every day so will your brain, too.

(This last advice is completely sarcastic, please don’t take it seriously.. but only if you really want a larger head)



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