Full Moon in Gemini and Zodiac signs good at learning languages

Full Moon in Gemini and Zodiac signs good at learning languages

Full moon in Gemini, the best time for learning languages ?

Today on third December 2017 we have full moon in Gemini on our nightsky. Maybe you are questioning yourselves if it is a good time to start something. Maybe learning a new language ? And so we come slowly to one of the most popular questions when it comes to zodiac sings and learning languages and that is “which ones are the best at learning languages”.

The power of Gemini in full moon

Gemini as a double sign can indicate a capability of speaking two (or more) languages at the same time.

The ruler of Gemini sign is Mercury and this planet is all about speaking, languages, teaching and learning. But most of all about using and learning languages.

After all these zodiac information and with the fact that today is full moon in Gemini, you should really start learning a new language and it could be German.

Which zodiac signs are good at learning languages ?

The one I already mentioned is of course Gemini. They are obviously the masters in learning a few languages and having them all under the sharp control of their mind. When it comes to intelligence, they are certainly the most intelligent zodiac sign but also the most strange one. They have a great for mimicry so they can easily pronounce new words.

Advice for choosing a foreign language that suits Gemini zodiac sign: French.  (With so much mystery from the beginning with French alphabet pronunciation along with the most complicated set of numbers and to dark obscure poetry it fits perfectly for Gemini’s dark mind).

The next good shooter in the field of languages

Behind Gemini as one true zodiac master of learning foreign languages there is his partner in crime : Sagittarius. These late November and December beauties are all about foreign countries and foreign cultures.

In order to achieve their goals and visit most of the countries they’ve dreamt of, they are learning foreign languages.

It is not important if they are going to visit some country only for few days because they certainly have to know some words.

Obviously they are the ones that are always but tourist guides with few phrases in it.

Nothing is better than a language study holiday, because it will force them to deal with concrete details everyday, and it will make you progress.

Advice for choosing a foreign language to learn: certainly Esperanto. (This may sound a little bit old fashioned but it certainly is one unique language – beside English – for all people.)

Hard Day’s Night

The third zodiac sign that is really good at learning languages and probably the hardest worker in zodiac is Capricorn.

Maybe it is not so obviously like the previous ones but the ruler of this sign is Jupiter. This planet, when good related to others, indicates a great ability for learning languages.

The Capricorns are making notes of everything that is important and they are really dedicated learners. Learning a foreign language is not tough for them and they are eager to achieve this.

At the end, no matter what you zodiac sign is, if you find some foreign language interesting, try to learn it – at least just a few phrases.

Learning a new language shows you also the culture of that language and the mind set of their speakers, which can be beneficial for you.

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