The Languages that You Should Learn

The Languages that You Should Learn

At least once in your lifetime you have thought what are the languages that you should learn.

Here is the answer on your previous question. Maybe a little bit weird but, believe me, really true.

Bushmen Click Language

If you like to make comments on strange and ugly people clothes on the streets but you don’t want them to hear you – Bushmen language is the right thing for you !

With all those click sounds you will probably sound like escaped animal from the African jungle but nobody would understand you and that is the point.

There are no private schools for learning Bushmen in Europe or USA so probably you should visit Africa so this language can be a little expensive to learn.

In this video you can see and here some essential phrases.



If you are from Serbia and you have difficulty in pronouncing words in English – Portuguese is the best language for you.

They have almost the same voices as Serbian and only they can pronounce our difficult names.

Of course there is a chance to visit manifestation in Rio de Janeiro so give it a try.

Bushmen language schools are maybe difficult to find but Portuguese are really easy and you can always find some of them in your street.


Again for us Serbs there is no funniest and sweetest language than Macedonian.

If you already speak some Slaw language just add -ta on the end of almost every word and there is Macedonian.

Because it is so funny it is also very sweet language and it sounds like when the children are speaking.

Here is a fellow American on his tough job to learn and speak fluently Macedonian:


Vintage stuff are always good and Esperanto is really vintage. It is a mix of several languages from Latin language family and with a little of spice from other ones.

It is suposed that everybody should speak Esperanto fluently so we can all understand each other, at least in Europe and USA.

Nowadays his role tool English unfortunately. If you would like to learn this language, try it on Duolingo application.


Enjoy and don’t forget that the first choice is always the best one !

Click click click … 🙂

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