Stranger Things and Ways that Will Improve Your Language Learning

Stranger Things and Ways that Will Improve Your Language Learning

Certainly you came across many times with stranger things and ways that could improve your language learning.

The following ones that I will show you are really stranger but they can help you to expand your vocabulary.

Read Everything That Comes Across Your Hands – Stranger Things in Toilette

Yes, you read this part good. Toilette can be the best place where you can improve your vocabulary.

While you are sitting there and thinking about life, weather, your future as a WOW player or maybe fashion guru, pick some old detergent from above and read the back side.

If you are living in Serbia like me, you can read instructions for use on your native language but also on many other like: Macedonian, Albanian, English and maybe German. There you can compare the words like “rinse thoroughly” or “don’t drink this” “poison” “you stupid, don’t try to drink that” on various languages.

Sitting there in your little kingdom for only 15 minutes a day and you are already a master of toilette cleansing vocabulary on five languages.

Such an amazing opportunity for improving your language skills.

Stranger Things on the Beach or Mountain Resort

Let’s assume that you have enough money to take a trip to some lovely beach or mountain resort, but not in your country.

There are a lot of foreigners that are also enjoying blue sea, clear skies, lovely sand or a lot of snow.

Try to ruin their holiday and speak to them on their native language. Only so you can improve your vocabulary.

Begin with the simple things like “what time is it ?” – although you already have a watch on your wrist.

Or “it is nice and hot today…” – although it is like that every day because you are on the seaside.

And then finally start with some true stuff like “what do you think about foreign politic affairs among Great Britain and Germany and what is the oil price on the Middle East”.

They would be certainly thrilled to give you short and clear answer immediately.

Stranger Things on Internet

Today’s wonder, their majesty Internet is full of stranger things that can help you improve your knowledge of some foreign language.

Visit a forum where the people discuss on some pretty weird topics but on the language that you are learning.

Take part in this conversations, although you are not really interested in making strawberry jellyfish pies on Wednesday morning. But, nobody know when are you going to need that information – on Dutch.

Try to find some pretty spooky and obscure TV- shows that nobody is watching and then find on internet (reddit is a good thing for that) people that are sharing your spooky interest.

Stranger Things on Paper

If you are sick of using this modern technology and generally sick of modern world, try to find a PenPal.

At the beginning you are going to need a little bit of world wide web because you have to visit a website with addresses of PenPals world wide.

But after that, you will receive only paper letters from your friends all over the world.

Once upon a time when I was a little bit younger and when internet was on good old dial-up mode, I have found a PayPal.

It was a family from Congo and they wrote me a letter on German, as I did too, and they ask me when is it good to visit me in my country Serbia.

My father started to prepare bean soup, national dish from Serbia and my mother made some cookies. We waited for our friends from Congo for almost a half year and sadly they didn’t come. But, we still have some bean soup in a fridge in case they suddenly come to visit us.

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