How to improve your German?

How to improve your German?

Learning German as a second language can be tough. The pronunciation can be really hard for those how don’t speak any of European languages. The nouns are infinite long and you may think that you are never going to learn the articles.

Trying to learn a new language is not always all about grammatical stuff. Sometimes you just have to be creative and try some new things and methods.

Watch TV

Maybe you heard many times it would be good to watch German TV but only in one condition…

Almost every German TV station has it’s own website and in the archive you can find really interesting shows. Some sitcom, movie or documentary show could be the best choice for you. Remember one thing: it has to be interesting for you. Try not to watch television shows that you find boring and you only watch them because “you should be watching something on German”. Give yourself time and find your perfect German TV show.

Some of the useful websites are:
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Visit language cafes

Language cafes in Germany are called Stammtisch.

One of the most useful things that you can try is visiting a language cafe in your town. Maybe there are some people who also learn German or if you are very lucky, maybe you can meet native speakers.

Communicating with other people is the best way to learn any foreign language. Communication is the ultimate test for you and your knowledge.

If there are no language cafes in your city, try organizing one yourself. Choose one of your favorite cafes and ask them if you can organize language cafe evening. Than post an event on Facebook or Instagram. The people will come.

Reading blogs

Reading blogs instead of reading newspapers and magazines could help you a lot.

Newspapers and magazines are most common advice for reading when it comes to learning a new language.

But learning a new language is not all about reading about political situation in foreign countries or in Germany. It could be fun when reading about new scientific discoveries but not always.

Instead of that, you can try to read about the topics you are interested in, but on German.

Find everything you like and you have interest, and then read about that, on German.

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