Black Friday for Learning German

Black Friday for Learning German

Black Friday became popular in Europe few years ago. It is not necessary to describe the tradition behind this phenomena.

You already have a thousand of articles in internet explaining it.

When you hear the word Black Friday, what comes across your mind? Discounts! Free samples! Free stuff! Discounts on services!

German with Spiller has also a special offer for you.

My offer includes:

  1. correction of five texts on German.
  2. one live conversation class of 45 minutes.

Black Friday offer: 20 Euros.

Black Friday Writing Offer

The Importance of Writing in German

Writing in German is one of the four key skills and it should be trained also beside speaking, listening and reading.

Sometimes there is not enough time in German online classes to correct your texts in German. Sometimes the topics are too boring and you don’t like to write them.

Writing is very important and should be practiced all the time. I am giving you here this special Black Friday offer to check your writing in German.

Here are some topics for every level of German, to give you a small hint:


Write me an article about what have you been doing last week.

One article about the party you organized.

You can also write an invitation, or you can ask a hotel if there are free room.


Write an article about your vacation last summer.

Article should be an invitation to the party or invitation to some trip together.


One of your friends from foreign land wants to visit your country, write a letter to this friend and explain:

  • weather is in your country
  • clothes should he or she pack
  • places to visit together
  • hotel, hostel or apartment stay


Write an article about “Should children wear school uniform and if not, why?”


Write about climate changes in your country and how could it be stopped, what should we do?

All articles and letter send on my email address:

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