A Tutorial for Renting a Room in German Movie “Der Bunker”

A Tutorial for Renting a Room in German Movie “Der Bunker”

This is going to be a short and mostly funny tutorial for renting a room in German movie “Der Bunker”.

Let’s begin..

One of the few good reasons for renting a room in the German movie “Der Bunker” should be: peace.

Peace for writing your doctor thesis in physics. For such a mysterious and difficult science you really need some awkward but quite place.

First steps

After reading an announcement in local newspaper take a short walk to nearby forest. 5 hours of desperately walking through the dark forest would be enough to reach your place – the bunker (Der Bunker).

Three lovely members of small family will welcome you. Maybe you would be confused by their old fashion clothes. Mostly from 50s and 60s, but don’t be. They are really charming.

These are the people that are going to be your hosts for next couple of weeks.

If you are not afraid of low attic and generally not claustrophobic, this is the place to be. The quality of bed is also special story. Don’t get bothered if you hear some strange sounds during the night. That’s just a mouse hiding in the corner.

Getting used to life in Der Bunker

Filmszene Der Bunker

A little about the father

Try not to eat a lot because your host, pater familias, will write everything down. And you know that it is not so nice if your host gets angry at you because you have eaten to much.

The biggest secret of this tutorial is that you should prepare yourself to – change your profession.

Klaus, the student

You are not going to be a student any more, but professor.

The one and only student of yours is : Klaus.

Klaus is a special “little” man who is being prepared for a great role in the future. And you will help him.

Try to be patient and calm and not to beat Klaus up.

And ..the mother

She is also the story for herself. Beautiful, passionate, loving and devoted mother. In a way strange, but aren’t we all ?

Try to resist your temptations, you now why are you there: to write your doctor thesis.


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